Sunday, February 28, 2010

Christmas in Februbary?!

You're damn right. Our friend Dustin came to visit during our Christmas in February. Why in February you might ask? Money my dear friends, money. We decided to make a trip back to Wisconsin since it had been almost two years since I've seen them. So we used our Christmas money for each other to fund the trip and used tax money (woo!) to celebrate Christmas and Valentines Day. This is actually the second time we've done this, and I have to say I prefer doing it this way.

On to the gardening aspect. I started my seedlings after Dustin left. I used Park's Double 120-cell Bio Dome to start what I could. Not all of my seeds came in on time, I had many on backorder from Park Seed as well as Burpee which I have to say I'm not to please about. I would have liked to been informed while I was in the check out process, then I could have ordered things that were in stock. I was ordering a bit late I realize, but still, keep up the website people.

I will put up a sidebar link to the seeds closer to Summertime. Why? I don't feel like listing them all here, plus, I would only like to list the seeds that I actually own. No use crying over seeds that I don't have. I will be able to start those next year, so it will all work out in the end.