Friday, May 28, 2010

May Explosion

Ahh, vacation to Myrtle Beach in the beginning of the month was much needed for the Hubby, and we actually did a lot of stuff this time. It was great, Riley seemed to have enjoyed himself as well. Upon returning a few things have taken hold in the garden and have either done good or done bad.

The breakdown: I have been forced to buy at least three tomato plants (it might be four or five, but that's all I can remember right now). Some just couldn't handle the sudden shock of it all. There are still no luffa's or watermelon in the ground so I gave up completely, a Topsy Turvy has been bought as well as a yellow cherry plant, string beans, sweet peppers, romaine lettuce and a bucket of potatoes.

The bigger breakdown: The tomatoes are going ©@Z!3 (crazy). I have explosions of blossoms everywhere, and been utilizing the slight "hand shake" to pollinate them and it's worked wonders. All but one plant is doing well, my Big Rainbow is just there to fill a spot I think, there's always next year. My peas decided to hell with the world, and started new growth, unfortunately, the weather has been getting might hot so they are all but done producing now, but what I did get was really good, another learning experience. String beans are doing great and already have pods, the sweet pepper plants have their first flowers and my mariachi pepper plant from seed has mad a full recovery! The lettuce (romaine) had to be harvested, it was bitter from getting ready to bolt, the lettuce was the one thing that had me worried. I have never grown it before, so didn't know what to expect/do. However about half was saved from a bitter demise, thanks to the hubby who researched how to get rid of it.

The last breakdown: I have a lot more confidence with all of this now, and have decided that I'm going to research the fall crops I can grow and it should be fun. Also learned from carrots, they are to be direct sown outside as they do not transplant at all, same with radishes (though I didn't plant those). HUGEST thing I learned I think thus far.