Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well I almost did...

I thought long and hard about posting dinner, but just wasn't in the mood. Go figure. So I'll do a gardening update instead.

I've FINALLY been going through all my seed catalogs to see if there was anything I wanted to change, and the funny thing is, that most of the things I'm going to be ordering from, they don't even have catalogs. Of course this is only if we get a good haul back from tax time, and the hubby's preliminary doing seems to have us getting a very nice haul back. So I'm just going to continue on planning.

So this is what I've been planning. This is about half the size of what I was wanting to do last year, and this year as well. But I'm more concerned about doing it slow now. I'll get everything I want to grow eventually. All the tomato plants I'm going buy between two places.

This place has all their plants at the same price, the down side is that you have order 12 or more plants. I was so concerned about tomato plants that I didn't honestly even think about pepper plants, well duh, that's kind of what they sell. So, while I already have all the seeds I need for all the tomatoes and peppers, I'm just not in the mood to get those to grow from seed.

This other place is as close to local as I can get right now. I love that they have honest pictures of their actual harvest of the what the tomatoes look like. The downside (and there are a few) is that they don't always have the same plants in stock and their plants cost $6 each. This includes shipping but that's still almost $3 per plant. The other place charges $11 for 12 plants. You do the math. However, I'm willing to purchase 6 plants from them to see how well they are.

I'm going to concentrate on growing my beans from seed, I did it last year and had good results, and if they don't seem to be turning out, I'll just direct sow them and take a late hit on them growing. I'm planning on trying 4 types of corn this year too. I've never grown corn and the varieties I picked grow shorter, but they all have to be direct sown. I'm really going to try and keep records this year of everything and actually take pictures for a change.

I'm going to start seedlings on Feb 5th and start them a few different ways. I might still start some other plants as well, but I'm not concerned as I was last year. If something doesn't work out, I'll just go out and buy the plants that I need or start over and do a fall harvest on beans instead. The corn will be a slight disappointment, but we'll see if that happens.

I already own all the bean seeds, corn, and other. However, all the tomatoes and peppers I decided that I was going buy this year and test some growing mediums and get use to growing my main crop plants from seed. I want to be confident and not scared. So I'll bite the cost bullet this year, but after this year I want to start saving my own seeds and doing my own seedlings.

I believe that this is going to be a great year for gardening. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get an irrigation system going. I still need to post all the new supplies I get this year. Seriously, I plan on documenting everything. Maybe if I had a few followers, I'd be motivated.


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