Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some Pictures & Updates

I finally took some pictures and decided to upload. No time like to now to start on the whole keeping up with the blog this year thing. I'll go through and explain the pictures. I guess I'll put the explanation under the pictures.

This is all the seeds I could find. I'm still missing one packet, not sure where they are but I do need them for this hanging thing I have.

This is a hanging tomato planter that I got last year that I completely forgot I bought. Why? Because I bought it when it was clearanced so it was well past the time to start the seeds that came with it. I remember taking the seed packets out to look at them but they didn't make it into my stock of seeds, so I'm hoping that they ended up on the floor in the closet. Otherwise, I'm going to just pick a new seed to start and try in there. The picture above is the whole setup.

This picture just shoes the container itself. The two holes are plugged right now so you can grow the seedlings without the dirt spilling out. These holes become the watering holes. You're suppose to plant three seedlings in this thing. Seems a bit much to me, but I'm willing to give it a try with three if I can find that darn seed packet. If not, I'm sticking to just one hole.

This is a bag o' mini onions that I picked up from Lowe's the other day when the hubby and I went to go check out some stuff. It was only $2.00 so it was hard to pass up. The growing instructions are as lame as you can get, but I guess I'll try it either way. They will however be a spring planting. I doubt they will last 'til fall.

These are the potatoes that the hubby wouldn't let me leave without. I didn't put up much of a fight admitingly (sp), as I do want to grow potatoes, I just don't have the means to do it just yet. The instructions are pretty lame too. I'll have to research how to plant these, they are themselves mini taters.

So all in all, it has begun. I've updated The seeds I own link on the right, the ones highlighted in purple are the ones I am willing to trade/give away. The number in the far right column is the number of seeds you will get. If you need more, just ask and we'll see what we can work out. The links on the right will be updated after this is posted with a few new sites. In my last post for some reason my in post links never posted. I'll have to go back and modify that.

On another note, my planning in general is in full swing. In the next post I'll share links to the products I'm planning on buying. Well most links. I don't want to over load with a bunch of hyperlinks, but I will try to include the names of everything. I'm still working out my plan with my new set up, and I'm still 16 squares short of product, so I'm thinking that the onions will definitely be a few squares. But here I go on telling everything so I don't have to do another post. What fun is that?

When life throws you lemons, throw rocks back and laugh.

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