Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Madness

Well, as if February wasn't busy enough, March brought on a whole new term of stress. My Mom and Dad (step, and that's the last reference to it I shall make) came down to help with a kitchen gut job and redo. Time was short, one week to be exact, and it was even more hectic since my helper wasn't able to come over and help due to snow. So a lot of prep work didn't get done that should have, but we went through it like champs the four of us (and our helper even came over to help with painting for a few hours), and we now have a fully functional, and mold, moisture, bug free kitchen. Complete with snack bar (finally)! It's almost 100% done. We still need a tile back splash of some sort, a few more pieces of molding, caulk the tiny nail holes, and the biggest thing to get done is a new floor.

My seedlings were pretty much all but forgotten the first week in March. Without their grow light, and not being watered as it wasn't high on the to-do list. Some of them suffered, others flourished, not all sprouted. The beans and peas are huge, a melon or watermelon is trying to find it's way outside, and a few tomato plants are getting bigger and bigger every day. They are all now out of the dome, but still in the sponges, and under the light on top of the fridge where they should be. All is well so far.

Shipments have been coming in while they have been available. I seem to have misplaced an Upside Down Planter I wanted to try, I have no idea where the blasted thing is (it came during the remodel). A Garden Support Set has arrived, Garden Grids (I received two sets, lucky me!), two Raised Beds (self-watering, woot), three Self-Watering Planters, and a partridge in a pear tree.

I've even received a few of my back ordered seeds from Park Seed, but I guess Burpee just doesn't even give them to you at all. I can't wait to plant what I have, though some of my seedlings seem to be not doing so hot, we'll see what happens later.


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