Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April Preping

A somewhat slow month by our standards, but nonetheless, exciting! The planters have been put together, filled with dirt and planted! Needless to say I am super stoaked about it all, though pesimistic as well. I'm not new to gardening, I have grown tomato plants in the ground quite a few times, and even neglecting them they were mass producers. However, I am newer to the SFG method (square foot garden). My Bio-Dad had a planter where he planted tomato plants and a few pepper plants and it was almost the same method, it was just a bigger planter and in the ground. I dare say he did it on purpose, it just happened. That memory however did spark the massive search into that type of method, which has led me to the Companion Planting guide I made and among other things.

It is however quite obvious that I will be having to replace some of the tomato transplants. I did not even think (or really know for that matter) about the hardening off process. I got so excited with planting that I just planted straight from indoors to out, not all liked this process. I'm still holding off hope for the peas, though they aren't looking well, the beans are in the same boat, as well as the pepper plant, carrots, and lettuce. I still haven't gotten my tiller back from a friend and so I've had to hold off on the luffa and watermelon. My pumpkin never did germinate and I didn't grow enough beans because they didn't come in in time. But, we shall see!


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