Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Cometh Early

I've already harvested my first three tomatoes, and about a dozen cherry tomatoes, a healthy amount of string beans, one head of romaine, a handful of blondie peas, lots of yellow cherry tomatoes, and the mosquitoes have loved me just as much. In place of the peas and lettuce I've planted some potatoes, and I've started some new bush pea plants to replace the string beans that are coming up soon. I've had to throw out two hot peppers and one sweet pepper because bugs wanted to eat the fruit, and I've had to spray them all with insecticide because of Japanese Beetles. I am not an organic gardener, you mess with my plants I will kill you dead. I always wash wash wash the veggies real good.

I've had to pull up a few taters that decided to rot, no biggie, I figured it would happen since they were SO late going into the ground. I also realize I haven't talked about my melon vine much, well, it's doing GREAT. I've been plucking off flowers since I have 3 good melons going, and a fourth that is coming now. I can't wait to try them. Thankfully they will turn yellow and have a small silver line when they are ripe. Back to the potatoes though, I seem to have some very strong suckers in there, they are starting to get fairly big, and I have some new growth coming up from a few of the smaller ones.

I have yet to go outside and pick a tomato today, but I should also be able to maybe pick a pepper as well. I am a tomato snob, as the hubby says, so I have twelve tomato plants right now, and hopefully more for next year. I'm going to be working on uploading the seeds I have on hand right now, as well as my layout of what I have growing for all to see. A picture or two might eventually make it's way up here. I think the next post I do will involve a little bit more on the learning that has ensued so far from this, which means a few more tags will pop up for easier referencing. I've been keeping those fairly simple right now, but I might go back to the last post and add a few more specific ones.


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