Monday, June 28, 2010

This is by far not my first tomato of the season, nor the second, third, or fourth. All but the big one on the left I picked just about thirty minutes ago. However, yesterday there were three big tomatoes picked and a lot of the little yellow tomatoes as well as a few of the cherry tomatoes. I am a tomato growing fool. I have no problem eating at least one a day. This isn't the best picture I know, it was taken with my cell phone, and as for what kind of tomatoes they are? Hell if I know honestly. The big one I planted but I don't know what it is, I think it's a beefsteak variety from Bonnie, but I'm not sure. The other three are from two of eight plants in the same garden. They are similar in taste and texture, so I'm not to concerned. However, the one that I know I don't care for is the "Fourth of July" tomato. It is way to mild for my taste, I prefer acidic tomatoes.

I also watered twice today. Earlier in the afternoon since it wasn't too hot yet and they really needed it, and a little while ago. Though with this watering I used some Miracle Grow on everything, and then after that, I sprayed the hell out of the plants with my Japanese Beetle "juice" that also kills other common bugs. While I was holding out as long as possible for another spray, I was forced to pull up my string beans because they were decimated. I have found the little critter that was responsible, but I have not found out what it was yet. The bug killer seemed to turn them to juice so that makes me very happy. I feel a step behind honestly though, I missed two very important points when starting, I didn't mark down WHEN I planted nor did I pay attention to the days to maturity. I also know that I can try to guesstimate, and I would probably turn out fine, but it would be nice to know at least a round about time to pick things.

My pepper plants are doing somewhat well. My Sweet Banana Pepper plants have tons of peppers on them, okay not tons but probably enough for me to make at least a pint of the pickled banana rings I buy so much of for my italian salad. My Mariachi Pepper plant has two huge peppers on it, lol, woo! That may be all I get from it in all honesty, it is one of the plants that I started from seed and didn't harden off. I'm glad it got this far. I'm going to be pulling up two tomato plants possibly. My Big Rainbow and Bonnie Big Boy. The big rainbow is one from seed and is just... pathetic, poor thing the other is the biggest plant I have, but has yet to actually produce anything, and I'm sick of putting forth the effort, it needs to go. However, my Bonnie Better Bush will be pulled within the month as well. It has two tomatoes on it, if they get ripe to pick the whole plant will be coming up. It's more or less stopped growing and has not put forth any new growth. I'm still somewhat hopeful that it might do something, but I wont hold my breath either.

So, after much thought, I have decided that, yes, you can plant eight tomato plants in a 3x3 planter. They need to be Inter's and not Deter's, and if pruned right, you should have no problem with them getting to bushy. While I'm not planning to do the same thing next year, if I had to use this same set up that I'm using now, I would now that I know what I do. I know that I have a lot more to say, but I have to get some links put up in the post and then I wouldn't be able to post again for awhile. What fun would that be?


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